Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Clinton and Entertainment

A tiring day it has been. Not physically, mentally though, - well I'm a 17 year old girl, my mentality is always overwhelming. I've been up in down a lot today, not as bad as other days and not as good as most. Something good did happen today - Me and Caleb went out. Something we try to do as frequently as possible, 10 months and 10,000 movies, hey, never gets old. We've been arguing a lot lately, which isn't really new. We argue a lot anyways, not terrible nasty arguments more of debates. He's Republican by proxy and I'm a democratic liberal by choice. I joke that between me and his family, by the time he can actually vote he will be so politically screwed up that he won't reach a standing at all. That or I shall convert him to my democratic ways, come, come to the dark side, we have watermelon and Bill Clinton. Whose, by the way, sexual life never seemed to affect his leadership skills. Wasn't that random. Ah, a short blog this has been. Yoda talk, ugh, too much time with the nerdy boyfriend I suppose. Uh well, I enjoy it just as well. Everyone take it easy, and think about the watermelon.
Oh and as a side note, I thougt I'd mention that this blog is for basic documentation of my mindstate and thoughts, not really intended to entertain but if it does, then feel free to be entertained.

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Ron said...

you did leave something out of the description of you .. a simple word .. "Nutcase" .. oh yeah .. and yer mom is tiffed .. you gave great detail (her words) about kyle and me, but just a casual mention about the 'most important person in your life' (her words again .. with attitude even) .. so .. take some time .. gather your thoughts .. fix this oversight, lest there be no more fired chicken ala Tammy in your life .. you know how important that is ..
have a day .. good or otherwise .. make it a day